Strata: a Spire RPG sourcebook

Created by Grant Howitt

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Picking up physical copies at UK Games Expo
8 days ago – Sat, May 18, 2019 at 05:18:06 PM

If you're not coming to the UK Games Expo in Birmingham at the end of this month/beginning of the next, don't worry about this update! Carry on about your business. Go have a cup of tea and put your feet up.

NOW - if you ARE coming to UKGE and you backed this project, you'll be able to pick up your physical copies of Strata, Spire, the softback scenarios and sourcebooks, the Spiral Muse and the newspaper clippings, etc. Anything that physically exists, you can collect from our stall (2-628). Plus, we'll refund any postage you've already paid, which is nice.

Here's what you have to do to make that happen:

1) Email using the subject line "UKGE Collection." In the body of the email, give us the email address you used on backerkit. We'll send you back a confirmation email, and remove your order from the distribution list. You need to do this by noon GMT on Wednesday 22nd May. We'll refund any postage you've already paid on your order.

2) Come along to the stall at any time on the weekend. Show anyone working on the stall the Backerkit confirmation email and some ID so we can make sure we're giving the books to the right person. We'll hand them over with a wink and nod.

3) Come and hang out in the Hilton bar on Saturday night, where we will attempt to colonise as much of the table space as humanly possible. This isn't an official launch party because those require booking and overhead and scheduling; this is us inviting you for a drink in a pub because we like you. Should be there from about 7pm, I reckon.

Right, that's it. The books are currently being bound. What a time to be alive.


- Grant

Locking addresses tomorrow!
10 days ago – Fri, May 17, 2019 at 12:42:43 AM

Title says it all, really. We're locking addresses through Backerkit tomorrow (and closing pre-orders) so, if your address isn't right, you absolutely have to change it right now. 

That's all. Strata is currently being printed and bound, but it takes a while to make that many books. We'll let you know when our distributor receives the books and when to expect your copies.


- Grant

Locking down addresses, massive secret project accidentally leaked by Gencon
20 days ago – Tue, May 07, 2019 at 02:28:09 AM


By which I mean: we're going to lock down your addresses on Backerkit soon - the 17th of May, in fact. We'll drop another update closer to the time to remind you but, please, if your address has changed please update it on your profile so we know where to send your things.

Progress-wise: we gave the final proofs the thumbs-up last week and Strata is currently being printed. Everything else (the softback adventures and sourcebooks, the posters, the Spire reprints) are all with the distributors in Nottingham. If all goes to plan, we'll be sending your books by the end of the month.


By which I mean: we had to submit the playtest sessions for our next game, Heart, for Gencon fairly early on, and they went live with the events sooner than we'd anticipated. Rest assured that Strata is still our primary focus, and we're not going to do anything serious with regards to the next project before this one is fully handled. However, in short:

1) Heart is set in the same universe as Spire.

2) Heart is set in the same Heart as the one underneath Spire.

3) Heart is a nightmare reality-twisting trip into the blistering tear between worlds, the red wet heaven, of the City Beneath. We've taken the lessons we've learned in Spire and built on what we've written so far, both in terms of system and setting, to make something we're really excited about.

Anyway. More soon, once Strata is done and dusted.


- Grant

P.S. Don't worry - we're going to keep supporting Spire. We have the next two sourcebooks sketched out, assuming that folk are interested in buying them!

Strata PDF released!
30 days ago – Fri, Apr 26, 2019 at 10:17:52 PM

We're happy to announce that the final layout for Strata is complete! We're sending the files off to the printers today, which means that we're on track for distribution at the end of May (and hopefully have the books for sale at the UK Games Expo, too). 

The other thing about this is that you get access to the PDF immediately, so log into Backerkit and download it! We're going to handle DrivethruRPG codes for backers soon, and you'll also be able to request that we add the PDF to your personal library on too. 

We really hope you like Strata - it's been exhausting but brilliant getting it this far. 

As ever, more updates (on printing schedules etc) as we know it.


- Grant, Chris and Mary

about 2 months ago – Thu, Apr 11, 2019 at 03:03:34 AM

Just a heads-up: we're not going to have the books ready until May, it seems. We've asked Alina to do some redesigns on the text to make the book easier to read (we had the vast majority of our images in the first half of the book, making it feel a bit top-heavy, so we've shuffled them around) and, because of this (and also managing the Spire reprint, and the scenario prints, etc etc) things are moving a little slower than we'd expected.

Long story short: we're going to be a few weeks late. Hopefully you should have your PDFs by the end of the April, but it'll be May before you hold Strata lovingly in your hands. As ever, we'll let you know more when we do.

Apologies, and thank you for your ongoing support and enthusiasm,

- Grant